Sunday, June 12, 2011

'The Standard is the Standard - Cropped and docked con't

Continuing with the cropped and docked issue I feel we would be remiss if we did not address the standard and how it applies.

This is a quote from the DPCA web site on the Standard regarding ear cropping and tail docking

"Ears normally cropped and carried erect. The upper attachment of the ear, when held erect, is on a level with the top of the skull.."  The "carried erect" pretty much spells it out as cropped and eliminates it as uncropped.  A floppy ear will never stand.

"Tail docked at approximately second joint, appears to be a continuation of the spine, and is carried only slightly above the horizontal when the dog is alert.."

Everything in the standard as quoted above addressed a cropped ear and docked tail.  From the beginning picutures of Herr Dobermann and his Dobermann's they were shown cropped and docked.  Regardless of why he chose that, it is the standard that he set. 

Today when people say, but I like the floppy ear then I have to wonder why don't they choose a floppy eared breed?  There is a wide variety of floppy earred dogs to choose from.  Then we have choice to choose the dog that matches our vision.    Since the Doberman from it inception has been cropped and dock why choose a breed that does not fit your image????

I once heard Judy Donniere explain "breed type" at a DPCA seminar - First it means that when you see the dog or a  silhouette of the dog you recognize it for the breed it is.  When you see the  silhouette of the Doberman there is no mistake it is a Doberman.  That is breed type.  If you see the same  silhouette of an uncropped dog you immediately think some kind of hound and that mistaken identity is even more obscure if it has a tail.. 

Breed type is important to the standard.  The standard describes the ideal dog as per Herr
Dobermann's vision.  He is the creator and I don't think we have the right to just change it to suit our individual desires and whims. 

If everyone just does what they want then we don't need standards.  They would serve no purpose.  It is no different than the people who want to breed "giant", albiono's, etc.   We have a standard and we must honor that standare in its entirity.  Otherwise in ten years there would not be a recognizable breed. 

The standard protects the breed, keeps it true to it form, function and appearance.

To those who say it is purely cosmetic I think I have covered that read the previous article on medical - It is the standard, cosmetic or not.  Standards are written to protect a breed and maintain the breed true to its original design.

The standard is not an option.

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