Monday, October 28, 2013


Just when I think we might be making headway on educating folks someone comes along who has a new Doberman puppy who is out of control.  So they contacted a trainer who asked a lot of questions and during the discussion discovered that the puppy is from an albino Z factored breeding.   GAG GAG GAG

The trainer must have Dobermans because she knew way too much about the problems with the albino gene pool and ended up ticking the person off so she is blaming everything on the trainer.  First time she mentioned the puppy was z factored. She then goes on to admit that the puppy was wormy, malnourished, dull coat and sickly when she got her and the breeder no longer responds to her gripes, but she is not complaining.  Wonder WHY????  But is ticked off at the trainer for trying to educate her.

So some get all mad at the horrible trainer for being so rude - RUDE to try to educate the person on the problems with the albino gene pool ---RUDE to care about the quality of the dogs being bred.................

As the story unfolds the person is 23 has 3 kids and cusses worse than a sailor but she is going to breed because all humans want to experience a baby (how about 3 in a row) and so she wants her z factored dog
to experience it too.....I understand immaturity but immaturity and stupidity and pumping out children like rabbits wonder she can't take care of the dog and find time to train.

Good breeders are bashed daily yet someone like this get sympathy and support ....What is wrong with this picture???  Ask APHIS..they are going to put the good breeders out of business so that these low lifes can continue on.  WAY TO GO APHIS and USDA  about as smart as this person.  Will the stupidity ever end or will the insane rule???

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