Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I just had to take a break - thinking that surely everything had been said but I guess not.  I have renewed hope now that we have American's back in charge of America.  Let's hope they protect our freedoms and our rights.

I used to get that from my children, and my response was always the same - "well if I was their mother they would not be doing it - we have standards".  I believe strongly in having concrete guidelines to follow and raised my children that way.  Today it appears we have raised a bunch of panty waste who want  to stick their nose in everyone else's business and they are guided by the AR PETA/HSUS radicals who are out to destroy our love and enjoyment of our animals. 

They are easily believable as they preach don't harm and animal while they take high 6 figure salaries and show pictures of poor sad looking dogs who are dying without your help.  How many dogs or kittens could be saved if they took a salary reduction???  Who need $600,000 a year to run a non-profit rescue???  Only those who are not into rescuing..... just getting paid, it is all about the money with them -  Can you believe that many people send in just $19.00 a month and yet they can draw that much income.  What a rip off. 

So no Virginia Wolf not everyone is doing it.  Not everyone is caving to the PETA/HSUS AR radicals.  Just because much of Europe has lost the right to preserve their breed standards does not mean we need to follow them down the yellow brick road. 

How long will we have purebred if we have not guidelines???  I am all for mutts - have had several during my lifetime, but if you want to know exactly what you are going to get you study the description of a breed and find the one that fits you and your lifestyle.  You don't then decide to change it to suit your own idea.  If you want that then get a mutt or start a new breed.  Without standards to guide breeders you will soon have no purebreds. 

AKC needs to wake up and take a look at their registration numbers which are dropping -  No purebred no need for a registry.  While AKC does not guarantee quality it does at least promote breeding like to like to produce like. 

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Sometimes in life you just have to laugh or you would honestly go crazy and let it get you down.  Recently I was quoted as being wrong for a stand I take on the crop/dock issue.  I read my quote and I said darn I did good!!!  I was clear about what I believe - my message has always been the same.  I am not ashamed of this quote - I love it!!!

I promise open and honest communication and support of clubs and members alike.. I am known for it!!! I only own, show and promote DOBERMANS and am a member in good standing with both DPCA and UDC.
When speaking of the coon hound look I see that as far different than
calling them coon hounds which they are not but they have lost breed
type which allows even the novice to recognize them as dobermans and
not confuse them with weims or coon hoiunds.

Was I mistaken in thinking that UDC tried to do what no club has ever
done before - The Total dog - meaning a conformationally sound dog that
could still work whether the ears are 3 inches, 4 inches or 6 inches
but for sure cropped.
As I read the quote I said hey wait a minute.......I am being quoted as being WRONG because I support our standard???  What is wrong with this picture???
I will gladly take that charge and wear that badge gladly.  I support our rights - I support our breed - I support our standard and I support AMERICA.  Now I am wrong and unfit to serve for that???  
Someone somewhere better wake up and realize what is being shoved down our throats which is the self destruction of this breed of all breeds.  If standards go then anyone can breed anything to anything they want on a whim, change whatever they choose and we will have no more purebreds dogs with a purpose.
From the DPCA/AKC approved standard for the Doberman:
Long and dry, resembling a blunt wedge in both frontal and profile views. When seen from the front, the head widens gradually toward the base of the ears in a practically unbroken line. Eyes almond shaped, moderately deep set, with vigorous, energetic expression. Iris, of uniform color, ranging from medium to darkest brown in black dogs; in reds, blues, and fawns the color of the iris blends with that of the markings, the darkest shade being preferable in every case. Ears normally cropped and carried erect. The upper attachment of the ear, when held erect, is on a level with the top of the skull. 
From the FCI standard:  Ears:  The ears, which is set high, is carried erect and cropped to a length in proportion to the head.  In a country where cropping is not permitted the uncropped ear is equally recognized.  (Medium size preferred and with the front edge lying close to the cheeks.)
In countries where CROPPING is NOT permitted the uncropped is recognized.  GUESS what in those countries THEY DO NOT ACCEPT CROPPED DOGS.  Our dogs are BANNED from the show ring or the performance ring.NOTE:  both standards call for a cropped ear.  An uncropped and undocked dog is a deviation from the ideal. In what world do we want to embrace a deviation from ideal?  I am all for improving our breed.  It is the mission of every quality breeder out there.  Improving the breed does not mean approving or intentionally presenting a deviation as ideal.  It means WE LOST OUR RIGHTS.  Read above:
Does that bother you???  It sure as the devil bothers me.
In the days ahead we will be pressed to abandon time honored traditions and a rich heritage and encouraged by the AR whackos to embrace a deviation that can be avoided.  We will be encourage to forfeit our rights and destroy our breed.  It is in your hands.  I hope you will fight for our purebred dogs and their traditions and heritage.
Do not buy into the silly notion that they care more about health or temperament as they pocket an extra $4,000 to $5,000 dollars per litter at your expense by selling you a deviation.  It's about the money.
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Monday, January 20, 2014



Anyone ever hear that from your kids???  It used to be my daughter's favorite excuse to throw at me.  If I listened to her that meant that some 600 kids in her high school were totally out of control - playing at being adults with immature minds that were not ready to function in a mature world.

Then it struck me..........that is the same thing those who have chosen to leave a cropped and docked breed UNCROPPED and/or UNDOCKED.  So if we are to
buy into this then just because a part of the world has lost their right to crop and dock we should follow suit because everyone else is doing it.

Personally I find all their arguments very unstable.  Everything - from it is not necessary and only a cosmetic procedure to it messes up their anal glands and  pooping.    Guess they never heard of "happy tail" which is a very painful experience that in the end results IN DOCKING the tail on an older dog to stop the continued injury and pain ...... by their own admission this is an AMPUTATION which they are against.  Prevention seems prudent in this case.

If you think it is OK to loose personal freedoms then honestly I can't help you.  If you think the government knows best then I sure can't help you.  Their track record speaks very poorly of their ability to even maintain their own personal integrity let alone yours or mine.

I am well versed in this everyone is doing it excuse as it was my daughters most used  excuses......EVERYONE was doing it.  I patiently told her I was not everyone's mother but I was hers.  Were I everyone else's mother she could rest assured that they would not be doing it either as it was dangerous, harmful or self destructive.  We each have one time to do things right and that is the first time.

I personally don't know what everyone else has to do with my decisions but for some it must make sense.  Perhaps it is that they are not capable of thinking for themselves or that they prefer to let others do all the work.

Not to mention I do not believe for one minute all those who say they support my right to crop and dock when they don't and THEN  spout all the reasons why I should not either and the most often heard is:  EVERYONE ELSE HAS STOPPED ......therefore I should stop.  I am not everyone else and I don't want to be follow something just because everyone else does.   That is exactly how sheep get led to the slaughter!!!

If the only reason to support cropping and docking was the long standing traditions and heritage of  so many of the working breeds as cropped and docked.  I believe in upholding many long standing traditions which sadly too many of today's world have no concept of why or how they came about and many are founded in very sound solid reasons.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How "CHOICE" lost the CROP/DOCK issue for England, Scotland and Wales in 2007

After a long hard battle by breeders and the breed clubs England, Scotland and Wales failed to protect our  rights and our dogs as they lost the battle for "CHOICE" in docking their dogs April 2007.

Rest assured this fight has NOTHING to do with choice or with cruelty - it has to do with AR groups who could not get purebred dogs banned outright so they started by chipping away at the standard.  IF they can get one part of the standard to fall everywhere then it sends a loud clear message that breed standards, specific breeds, and adherence to long standing breed types are not important and therefore, purebred dogs should be banned. 

That is where it is headed -  As Americans we must stand tall for our rights.  The government does not care  about or understand the purebred dog world, shows, training, breeding etc so they need to stay the heck OUT but above all they should not support any AR groups agenda.

Just look what happened to the Rotties when their president sold them out and now their standard allows an undocked dog to show and win.  You say not important..... You say what is the big deal......

Here is the link to the latest Dog News magazine: Go to page 121.

I wanted  to post this info on “The Case for Docking” published by the Council of Docked Breeds in the UK.   so I will publish the link to their website for further information and to read the article..  It appears as though the website has not been updated in a couple years, but there are excellent examples ................

*  Registrations drop drastically  Doberman registration has gone from 80,000 in the late 70's down to less than 10,000 in 2009.............How much further down can we go before we become
an endangered species FIGHTING for survival????

*  AVMA and CVMA both have followed the AR agenda and worked to ban tail docking 

           ***16,000 reported tail injures that could have been prevented
                  5,000 amputations due to tail injuries on older dogs again prevented by docking

          *** No one has proved on any level that tail docking is harmful .....but there is proof it is beneficial especially to docked breeds, otherwise why the exemption for working dogs???

Since the initial writings above several providences in Canada have BANNED cropping and docking.  CHOICE has proven over and over to lead to NO CHOICE.  We must pull our heads out of the sand and understand that the fight is far deeper than the crop / dock issue.  It goes to the very heart of the purebred dog world and/or its elimination.  The choice is choose a side...One maintains our breed standards and the other leads to the destruction of dogs - animals period ............................Wake up before it is too late and stop the insanity.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013


 I can't tell you how often I hear this statement "It's just a beauty contest" as folks try to dismiss the value of the conformation ring.   It is almost always said by folks who have never competed at anything with their dog and who certainly do not fully understand the purpose of the "beauty pageant".

While beauty and grace is certainly a big part of it there is really so much more as far as evaluating the underlying structure and muscle tone of the dog.  Without strong conformation the dog is subject to or more
prone to injury when working.  This is certainly far more important for the larger working breeds than any other as the larger breeds have a lot more pressure and stress put on their bones and joints.

For me to poo poo something just because you do not fully understands its underlying importance is a big part of what has hurt the dog fancy and in the end our dogs.  If breeding is about bettering the breed then we must consider the conformation of the dog which speaks directly to the correct underlying structure for optimum performance.

Nothing is more heartbreaking than to get a dog, spend two years just to put the foundation training on it and then have it break down somewhere along the line before you finish the program you had for that dog.  It is a very costly mistake also.  Conformation helps us and guides us in breeding so we have the best chance at long term success for the working dogs.

Standards are very specific on each and every part of the dog - head structure, dentention, ear set, stop, eye shape and size, topline, shoulder angulation, rear angulations, feet shape and size, neck tie in all of which affects the overall movement of the dog ..........all of it is a part of the dog that was developed for a specific purpose based on what that particular breed was developed for.  To say it is just a beauty pageant shows a complete lack of understanding of what the breed was originally designed for and the purpose each part of the dog fulfills.

It is far far more than just a beauty pageant although we are obsessed with the beauty and the thrill of a show like Westminister it goes far beyond that goes to the very heart and purpose of each breed.

That is the reason breeders are so passionate about their breed and its standard.  We must never stray far from the original purpose of the creation of the dog.  REGARDLESS of if today's society still uses the dog for that purpose or not the dog still must be structurally sound of mind, body and temperament.

Perhaps part of the reason we have misunderstood this important aspect of any breed is because the conformation ring is just that ............conformation (underlying structure and soundness) of any breed.
We all certainly love and are thrilled as we watch each breed - groomed to perfection move around the ring and show off the best of its breed.

If we did not have a written standard to follow then what would happen to breeds???  Correct size for optimum purpose -  everyone certainly agrees that to breed oversized dogs is detrimental to over all sound structure - the standard guide us and helps us stay within that standard size.

To say it is just a beauty pageant and then complain about some other aspect that you feel is not right does not make sense.  All is important ...All is vital to breeding dogs that are true and correct.  The next time you
hear it is just a "beauty pageant" ask them how many dogs they have bred that meet any standard????  Ask them how many dogs they have bred that have succeed in any venue??? Shocking you will usually hear NONE.  Don't fall into the trap of moaning, griping and complaining by those who are arm chair quarter backs and lack real drive and passion.  They are a part of the destruction of any breed not a part of the solution.  Let's get involved, Lets' breed better dogs,  Let's get a solid understanding of each and every part of the structure of the dog and its purpose.  It is a beauty pageant to end all beauty pageants and it is a vital part of what takes us soundly to the next generation.

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Monday, October 28, 2013


Just when I think we might be making headway on educating folks someone comes along who has a new Doberman puppy who is out of control.  So they contacted a trainer who asked a lot of questions and during the discussion discovered that the puppy is from an albino Z factored breeding.   GAG GAG GAG

The trainer must have Dobermans because she knew way too much about the problems with the albino gene pool and ended up ticking the person off so she is blaming everything on the trainer.  First time she mentioned the puppy was z factored. She then goes on to admit that the puppy was wormy, malnourished, dull coat and sickly when she got her and the breeder no longer responds to her gripes, but she is not complaining.  Wonder WHY????  But is ticked off at the trainer for trying to educate her.

So some get all mad at the horrible trainer for being so rude - RUDE to try to educate the person on the problems with the albino gene pool ---RUDE to care about the quality of the dogs being bred.................

As the story unfolds the person is 23 has 3 kids and cusses worse than a sailor but she is going to breed because all humans want to experience a baby (how about 3 in a row) and so she wants her z factored dog
to experience it too.....I understand immaturity but immaturity and stupidity and pumping out children like rabbits wonder she can't take care of the dog and find time to train.

Good breeders are bashed daily yet someone like this get sympathy and support ....What is wrong with this picture???  Ask APHIS..they are going to put the good breeders out of business so that these low lifes can continue on.  WAY TO GO APHIS and USDA  about as smart as this person.  Will the stupidity ever end or will the insane rule???

Sunday, July 21, 2013


A couple weeks ago I was in a discussion with a vet who does not crop her dobermans.  While she has nice dogs it is very obvious that she has taken a stand on the side of the AR agenda because that IS their agenda.  BAN ALL cropped and docked breeds.

So as I was considering this I made the statement that Uncropped, Undocked is UNDONE and UNAmerican.  Her response was that my "home grown idear" is a self destruct agenda.  If you could only read her writing you would be very shocked to know that she has been placed in charge of the DPCA crop and dock committee.

The breed ring is the beauty pageant for the purebred dog world.  Just watch Westminster or the Eukunaba National - it is a black tie affair all the way with judges in long gowns and tuxs.  Since uncropped is a deviation to the standard,  to be penalized accordingly, why would you even want to send your dog into the ring knowing everyone will be fully dressed and your dog will be undone or dressed down???

While we have the choice, those who  are in the limelight, the leaders should support the standard and help us protect our rights.  Every uncropped dog shown says the standard is not important and it then become acceptable and considered normal - then it is BANNED forever and you will no longer see the "look of eagles" that has gone a long way in making this dog what it is today.  Otherwise who among you would have been attracted to another hound dog look???  That is not to insult the hound group - I personally think they have their own kind of beauty and it is their standard.  But the Doberman is in the working group not the hound group and the c/d definitely sets them apart and IMHO above the hound look for our breed.

If you really want a laugh you might enjoy this reading

Some of the things I found humorous:
(Quote) For example, Doberman pinschers are known for their cropped ears and docked tails, which give them a more alert, intimidating appearance.
Read more: (quote)

They go on to admit that many prefer the cropped ear as it can pinpoint sound within 5% or its origin whereas the uncropped can pinpoint within 20%..  If someone is sneaking up on you that just might be an important 15% difference.

(Quote)The American Veterinary Medical Association resolves this disagreement by stating that, while ears that droop abnormally increase the risk of ear infections, there is not yet any evidence to support the claim that cropped ears lower the risk. 

Read more: (quote)

Ok folks I am from Arkansas - I am down home and home grown.  BUT that does not mean I just fell off the turnip truck yesterday.  Therefore, I must ask what is meant when the Brilliant AVMA resolves the issue by saying while dropped ears abnormally increase the risk of infections there is NO EVIDENCE to support the claim that cropped ears are lower risk.   WHAT????  If dropped ears have an abnormal increase then doesn't that automatically mean that the opposite would improve the odds or DECREASE the odds????  HELLO???????  Is anyone listening???

Can you see why it is so critical that DPCA stand up for the standard and put people in charge who are not politically blinded to their AR agenda.  Brainwashed by the AVMA who tried to stop vets from cropping a couple years ago but received enough flak they had to retract it for now.  THEY are teaching the AR agenda in vet schools so the next time you want to find a good cropping vet what do you think your chances will be with the new brain washed vets coming out of school knowing more about political agendas than good vet care???

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