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Sometimes in life you just have to laugh or you would honestly go crazy and let it get you down.  Recently I was quoted as being wrong for a stand I take on the crop/dock issue.  I read my quote and I said darn I did good!!!  I was clear about what I believe - my message has always been the same.  I am not ashamed of this quote - I love it!!!

I promise open and honest communication and support of clubs and members alike.. I am known for it!!! I only own, show and promote DOBERMANS and am a member in good standing with both DPCA and UDC.
When speaking of the coon hound look I see that as far different than
calling them coon hounds which they are not but they have lost breed
type which allows even the novice to recognize them as dobermans and
not confuse them with weims or coon hoiunds.

Was I mistaken in thinking that UDC tried to do what no club has ever
done before - The Total dog - meaning a conformationally sound dog that
could still work whether the ears are 3 inches, 4 inches or 6 inches
but for sure cropped.
As I read the quote I said hey wait a minute.......I am being quoted as being WRONG because I support our standard???  What is wrong with this picture???
I will gladly take that charge and wear that badge gladly.  I support our rights - I support our breed - I support our standard and I support AMERICA.  Now I am wrong and unfit to serve for that???  
Someone somewhere better wake up and realize what is being shoved down our throats which is the self destruction of this breed of all breeds.  If standards go then anyone can breed anything to anything they want on a whim, change whatever they choose and we will have no more purebreds dogs with a purpose.
From the DPCA/AKC approved standard for the Doberman:
Long and dry, resembling a blunt wedge in both frontal and profile views. When seen from the front, the head widens gradually toward the base of the ears in a practically unbroken line. Eyes almond shaped, moderately deep set, with vigorous, energetic expression. Iris, of uniform color, ranging from medium to darkest brown in black dogs; in reds, blues, and fawns the color of the iris blends with that of the markings, the darkest shade being preferable in every case. Ears normally cropped and carried erect. The upper attachment of the ear, when held erect, is on a level with the top of the skull. 
From the FCI standard:  Ears:  The ears, which is set high, is carried erect and cropped to a length in proportion to the head.  In a country where cropping is not permitted the uncropped ear is equally recognized.  (Medium size preferred and with the front edge lying close to the cheeks.)
In countries where CROPPING is NOT permitted the uncropped is recognized.  GUESS what in those countries THEY DO NOT ACCEPT CROPPED DOGS.  Our dogs are BANNED from the show ring or the performance ring.NOTE:  both standards call for a cropped ear.  An uncropped and undocked dog is a deviation from the ideal. In what world do we want to embrace a deviation from ideal?  I am all for improving our breed.  It is the mission of every quality breeder out there.  Improving the breed does not mean approving or intentionally presenting a deviation as ideal.  It means WE LOST OUR RIGHTS.  Read above:
Does that bother you???  It sure as the devil bothers me.
In the days ahead we will be pressed to abandon time honored traditions and a rich heritage and encouraged by the AR whackos to embrace a deviation that can be avoided.  We will be encourage to forfeit our rights and destroy our breed.  It is in your hands.  I hope you will fight for our purebred dogs and their traditions and heritage.
Do not buy into the silly notion that they care more about health or temperament as they pocket an extra $4,000 to $5,000 dollars per litter at your expense by selling you a deviation.  It's about the money.
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