Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Buying or breeding outside the box

I recently post some info on Doberman Chat  http://doberman-chat.com/ in regards to Breeding or buying outside the box.  I posted this info as there were some folks that felt it was OK to breed z factored or albino dobermans.  I really find it hard to understand when there has been so much negative posted regrading this subject and they have been bannded from showing by AKC and their own BREED club how anyone could think this would ever be accepted.

The standard sets up disqualifing faults which are not be to bred by any breed and the color or maybe I should say the lack of color in the case of the albino is a disuqalifying fact.  DPCA went so far as to get ALL dogs that decended from the Dam of the first albino doberman marked forever with a Z in the registraiton #.  This is a very close reminder to the "Scarlet Letter".

What part of DQ  do we not understand????  How long will this go on???? 

I honestly have to ask how someone can promote them self as honerable or a good breeder when they are openly breeding a dog that has been bannished and is to be eliminated from the gene pool???

What part of DQ do we not understand????  If the breed club felt it was serious enough to ban them then wouldn't that mean to proceed with breeding would show a lack of character???