Friday, June 28, 2013

The Snake Has Spoken - One reason dog clubs are in trouble

It is truly amazing what you learn about people from the things the post on social media sites and chat forums.  I really saw this in action this past week when the discussion of crop/dock came up.  As always it is a very heated discussion to the point the they try to keep us from discussing it at all which to me really says that the snake does not care about standing up for the standard or our breed.

A Snake is cold, deadly, lethal, cunning, secretive, elusive and strikes without warning.  Yep this pretty much describes the way I see some of the people who claim they are for choice, leave their dogs uncropped and now undocked but saying the support OUR choice.  Hey WAIT A MINUTE.... it is you who have the choice to break protocol and leave your dog uncropped and worse yet undocked.

BUT when a discussion comes up in support of our standard they throw out all kinds of arguments but this weeks discussions took the cake.  This is what started the discussion which immediately went down hill -

http://alexadry. hubpages. com/hub/Studies- Reveal-Tail- Docking-in-Puppies-is- Painful - They really needed a study for this????  I have personally attended over 200 tail dockings and ear croppings through the years and once bone and muscle passes the butt hole it does not affect anything BEHIND or before it.  Dogs don't think like we do so they do not suffer from the mind games that humans play on themselves as they let emotions run wild.

For example ALL puppies and older dogs I have ever worked with or tried to stack can clamp that tails down tighter than dick's hat band.

All my dogs have been docked and I have never had a problem with pooping or the anal glands.  So I have to ask myself where does this stuff come from ...... STRAIGHT out of the AR propaganda BS.

I can tell you that 3 day old puppies don't know anything about endorphins - they nurse because it is a very natural STRONG instinct necessary for survival.  They do so whether you dock or not.  As soon as the procedure is over they snuggle right down and either go back to sleep or they nurse.  Trying to equate human emotions and feelings to this is ridiculous as dogs are not humans.

And thank God last time I checked Humans don't have a tail to dock so that whole analogy is said to only inflame and touch emotions that tend to go out of control very easily.  It is not a highly educated statement and is like trying to compare apples to oranges.. 4.htm

This second article was even wilder IMHO.  And after all the false equations and comparisons they end with this statement..............(quote)but she  considered that further research was required before a categorical statement could be made (quote)  THEY DON'T KNOW..............they are guessing.

I chose a cropped docked breed as I don't like tails  period.  They wave around knocking things off, have gotten slammed in doors and there can be a problem with "Happy Tail" problem where the end of the tail stays continually sore and infected from thumping things all the time as they wag it.  I say eliminate the problem.

But back to my original thought.   One  of the posters got so mad she asked to be removed so I have to ask if she is for CHOICE then why does she prefer I loose MY choice????  To follow a breed standard is definitely a choice ......There are breeds that are not  cropped and docked.  But if you know or understand anything about breed clubs or breed standards at all then you must understand that they are what preserves each and every breed and if the standard falls then we will soon loose all  purebred dogs.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Are we going to the Dogs OR the Baboons!!

We would rather have baboon looking dogs than a standard -  Sorry but I read that phrase and just could not resist using it. 

I read these comments the other day and just had to make some comments:
1.    We have doberman’s because we have a standard- it is how we protect and preserve any breed.

2.   Mutts don’t have a standard and that is why you see such variety even in the same litter. 

3.   Ears and tail do not make a dog healthy – good health does
No one can look on the outside of animal or human and guarantee good health.

The question was asked - how does a "natural ear" dobe take away from the "standard" Doberman?   That is the easy one to answer – it is a cropped and docked breed and clearly shows breed type.   So it really should be pretty easy to “get it”.   

Then they go on to say they have owned 3 cropped and docked Dobermans that have medical issues  - hypothyroidism, CVI and Lyme disease…………..WHOA wait a minute Lime disease is caused by ticks!!!  So to throw in something that could even contribute to other issues is not wise if you want to make a point that cropping and docking makes dogs sick.  

Folks I tell you it gets so ridiculous as people strive to destroy our standard. 
Health issues are an issue in and of themselves and can’t be judged in the ring or on the working field.  All dogs are healthy until they show otherwise.  We can do all the test, annual check up and anything else we want but until it shows up it is hidden somewhere in the DNA.  For the things we have DNA test for then we have a much clearer picture of the future as it relates to that one particular health concern.

The question was asked – “I want to know what an ear has to do with the life and death of our dobes? ?”  Me too.  They have nothing to do with it either way but cropped and docked does support the breed standard.  Once we loose that standard we will loose all purebred dogs. But every discussion I have read on this infers that flopped eared dogs live longer and have better health and add a tail and they are SUPER DOG!!!  Give me a break.

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