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A couple weeks ago I was in a discussion with a vet who does not crop her dobermans.  While she has nice dogs it is very obvious that she has taken a stand on the side of the AR agenda because that IS their agenda.  BAN ALL cropped and docked breeds.

So as I was considering this I made the statement that Uncropped, Undocked is UNDONE and UNAmerican.  Her response was that my "home grown idear" is a self destruct agenda.  If you could only read her writing you would be very shocked to know that she has been placed in charge of the DPCA crop and dock committee.

The breed ring is the beauty pageant for the purebred dog world.  Just watch Westminster or the Eukunaba National - it is a black tie affair all the way with judges in long gowns and tuxs.  Since uncropped is a deviation to the standard,  to be penalized accordingly, why would you even want to send your dog into the ring knowing everyone will be fully dressed and your dog will be undone or dressed down???

While we have the choice, those who  are in the limelight, the leaders should support the standard and help us protect our rights.  Every uncropped dog shown says the standard is not important and it then become acceptable and considered normal - then it is BANNED forever and you will no longer see the "look of eagles" that has gone a long way in making this dog what it is today.  Otherwise who among you would have been attracted to another hound dog look???  That is not to insult the hound group - I personally think they have their own kind of beauty and it is their standard.  But the Doberman is in the working group not the hound group and the c/d definitely sets them apart and IMHO above the hound look for our breed.

If you really want a laugh you might enjoy this reading

Some of the things I found humorous:
(Quote) For example, Doberman pinschers are known for their cropped ears and docked tails, which give them a more alert, intimidating appearance.
Read more: (quote)

They go on to admit that many prefer the cropped ear as it can pinpoint sound within 5% or its origin whereas the uncropped can pinpoint within 20%..  If someone is sneaking up on you that just might be an important 15% difference.

(Quote)The American Veterinary Medical Association resolves this disagreement by stating that, while ears that droop abnormally increase the risk of ear infections, there is not yet any evidence to support the claim that cropped ears lower the risk. 

Read more: (quote)

Ok folks I am from Arkansas - I am down home and home grown.  BUT that does not mean I just fell off the turnip truck yesterday.  Therefore, I must ask what is meant when the Brilliant AVMA resolves the issue by saying while dropped ears abnormally increase the risk of infections there is NO EVIDENCE to support the claim that cropped ears are lower risk.   WHAT????  If dropped ears have an abnormal increase then doesn't that automatically mean that the opposite would improve the odds or DECREASE the odds????  HELLO???????  Is anyone listening???

Can you see why it is so critical that DPCA stand up for the standard and put people in charge who are not politically blinded to their AR agenda.  Brainwashed by the AVMA who tried to stop vets from cropping a couple years ago but received enough flak they had to retract it for now.  THEY are teaching the AR agenda in vet schools so the next time you want to find a good cropping vet what do you think your chances will be with the new brain washed vets coming out of school knowing more about political agendas than good vet care???

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?I can't believe that you would disregard the slate of nominees that truly
supports and promotes the working heritage of our breed in favor of a group
that obviously does not.?

I was asked this question the other day and this was my response on what I follow to the best
of my ability.

Anomoyus  - believe you me in my wildest dreams I never thought I would have to be pulled two very different distinct directions and I am honestly not real happy with either.? Both clubs have very outdated and incorrect APM and we struggle to hold trials or shows when no one knows what the real rules are.  This is obviously a major problem for BOTH clubs. I am even sadder to see one club so openly accept, promote and stand up for the UN cropped and UN docked and if we are not very careful it is spreading and infecting this one too??? But for me it comes down to just a couple of very big things I can't move past.

1. Lies, spin, slice and dice and just downright dishonestly of the leaders of this group -  NO communication with a large part of the DPCA membership speaks volumes to me.  Had they communicated on BOTH list I might have felt better that they cared more about the Doberman Pinscher than just winning at all cost.  I do not consider sending your lackeys to cross post communiicaton........  But if you support someone who has promoted division, told out and out lies to try to destroy someone just because they did not approve of them, in my book is not the ones I want to follow.    Our dogs deserve better and we can do better.

The daily shredding and hounding of some candidates is beyond reason and all common decency. If you do not see that then you have drank too much of the kool aid being handed out.? Or maybe you approve - I don't.

 I have sent e mails to the board and at best get an automated NON response response..............

2. The obvious very strong AR leanings on the crop / dock issue.? You will not win a fight by joining the opposition and / or trying to appease them with high handed educated political spin. It has been made clear that some of this slate believe strongly we have already lost thebattle and that they chose to just go ahead and side with them.

Otherwise can you tell me how you strongly support something you yourself do not do????? Just how does that work?????

The members who do not disagree with the NC slate have been all but burned at the stake for our beliefs ............

As you know I am for working our dogs and we have venues to do that should we choose. I chose UDC because it supported dobermans and according to the COE it chose the American Doberman Pinscher standard to follow. It does not say we follow the Euros into extinction by promoting their way of thinking and handing them the c/d issue on a silver platter.

While they tell you they are for choice just read their words - Little froggies swimming blindly into extinction -and that statement was made by a vet who is HEAD of the crop/dock committee.    Do you read???

 Posting articles that our dogs can't track as well because the ears help them?? - well go read some of the tracking scores and see how much the ears helped,

they can't poop correctly because of docking - clean up my poop here and tell me they have problems with it.

 If they are for it then they would help with reasons for us to keep it NOT reasons why it is going out of style.  Wouldn't you agree?????? If they support it then they would not post reasons why it is wrong. Does that make sense????? HELLO?????
Can you understand my concern???? I not only read their words butI look to their actions. Guess what, the two don't match.  Actions speak louder than words.

I am for the Doberman Pinscher and the Standard.   If we loose the standard then the doberman will become extinct... the doberman took the world by storm FIRST because of its looks and then its temperament.  All the temperament in the world would not have drawn so much attention as it would look just like any  large # of hound dogs. The looks combined with its noble attitude took peoples breath away long before they got to intimately know their wonderful temperament - alert, watchful, faithful, loyal, noble carriage accentuated by cropped ears and docked tail.

THAT is as much a part of our heritage as all the rest.  To disregard that is to show little respect for any of it in truth.  if you have read my messages on any or all list my message has not changed.  I am for the standard right down to my toes.  We don't need choice - we need breeders who stand by the standard, support that standard and who crop and dock their puppies BECAUSE IT IS THE STANDARD.

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