Sunday, May 20, 2012

UP with designer dogs down with Breed Standards

I sit here sadly shaking my head as we come closer and closer to the fall of breed standards around the world.  It also amazes me that most of the people who feel it does not matter are not breeders, have never shown a dog in anything, do not understand the importance of breed standards and apparently don't even realize that the  reason they love the Doberman is because for over 100 years breeders have presented the dog at it most noble appearance (after all we all LOVE beauty) and a cropped and docked doberman is certainly breath taking.  I guarantee you if they were drawn to the hound look they would have chosen a hound breed.  Looks matter.

But if the standard falls then Designer Dogs will rule at best - the dog fancy will fall, no dog shows, won't need a lot of fancy dog equipment, won't have any clue as to what the dog will look like when it grows up and will not have a clue as to what might be lurking in the temperament.  Can't follow the history of the pedigree because who keeps detailed records of mutts???

I was told the other day that NO ONE owns a look!!  NOT me and not Herr Dobermann.  Has our world really become that dumb about what a purebred dog is about???  Do we really believe that we want and can have a specific breed if there is not standard that stands???

While PETA and HSUS have convinced a large part of the world that cropping and docking should be banned their ultimate purpose goes far deeper than that.

I look at Crufts - the oldest dogs show and ask who the heck is in charge - certainly not people who love purebred dogs.  and JQP is so uneducated about dog breeding as to think there are no consequences to these drastic changes.  They told me that in the same breath that they were complaining about the long wait they were having to get their new puppy imported in because they wanted a c/d puppy and wanted to show in a country that does not allow c/d and bans them from showing.  UNEDUCATED yet telling me I don't own a look.

Well your are right I don't OWN much of anything anymore-  The government keeps eating away at our freedoms.  But breed clubs do and should own their breed standard as that is what purebred is all about.  The dog fancy has promoted it and upheld it for years until the term 'politically" correct became the new buzz word for spin it and lie and then once you have confused and misled everyone go ahead and do what you wanted to do anyway.

Think about these consequences:    Crufts -  has specific qualifications for dogs to meet in order to qualify as "good enough" to be invited to show at Crufts - BUT IF your dog is c/d it is then disqualified.  Way to go guys really smart thinking.

Consequences:   Has this or will it affect quality of the dogs being shown in this limited and restrictive venue???   I say yes as half the countries in the world can't send there best there to show because they are banned for trying to uphold their breed standard.

Consequences:  Will it have other far reaching affects - as quality goes down due to the shrinking gene pool to show from will health become more an issue as recessive genes begin compound so the breed in a limiting country will become more health ridden.   The very thing by the way they claim to be trying to eliminate.

Consequences:  Long unhealthy quarantines required for anyone wanting to import a puppy from a country that still allows freedom.

Consequences:  Then end of purebred dogs -  Do designer mutts rule???  I say NO!

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