Wednesday, December 7, 2016


I just had to take a break - thinking that surely everything had been said but I guess not.  I have renewed hope now that we have American's back in charge of America.  Let's hope they protect our freedoms and our rights.

I used to get that from my children, and my response was always the same - "well if I was their mother they would not be doing it - we have standards".  I believe strongly in having concrete guidelines to follow and raised my children that way.  Today it appears we have raised a bunch of panty waste who want  to stick their nose in everyone else's business and they are guided by the AR PETA/HSUS radicals who are out to destroy our love and enjoyment of our animals. 

They are easily believable as they preach don't harm and animal while they take high 6 figure salaries and show pictures of poor sad looking dogs who are dying without your help.  How many dogs or kittens could be saved if they took a salary reduction???  Who need $600,000 a year to run a non-profit rescue???  Only those who are not into rescuing..... just getting paid, it is all about the money with them -  Can you believe that many people send in just $19.00 a month and yet they can draw that much income.  What a rip off. 

So no Virginia Wolf not everyone is doing it.  Not everyone is caving to the PETA/HSUS AR radicals.  Just because much of Europe has lost the right to preserve their breed standards does not mean we need to follow them down the yellow brick road. 

How long will we have purebred if we have not guidelines???  I am all for mutts - have had several during my lifetime, but if you want to know exactly what you are going to get you study the description of a breed and find the one that fits you and your lifestyle.  You don't then decide to change it to suit your own idea.  If you want that then get a mutt or start a new breed.  Without standards to guide breeders you will soon have no purebreds. 

AKC needs to wake up and take a look at their registration numbers which are dropping -  No purebred no need for a registry.  While AKC does not guarantee quality it does at least promote breeding like to like to produce like. 

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