Monday, September 26, 2011


Maybe you shouldn't -  It is a huge committment, but for the working dog breeds who can often get themselves into trouble because an owner does not train and work with them to keep them mentally stimulated it can become a problem.  Training a good dog makes, IPO training a GREAT dog makes.

The individual who wants a working breed is not or should not be your typical "pet" owner.  Working breeds require MORE - more exercise, more mental stimulation, more training, more socialization.   If a person is not willing to give the dog this time and effort then maybe a lap dog would be a better choice.

Dogs are very much like children - they don't train themselves to grow up to be good citizens, know the rules and follow the rules.  That is our job.  IPO which stands for International Police Organization was founded primarily to train and test dogs that would be suitable for police work.  In the old days it was referred to as Schutzhund (protection dog) but as all things we certainly want to appear to be politically correct so IPO it is.

With all good things there comes some rules and some responsibility and protection trained dogs are no different.

Schutzhund or IPO is all about obedience after all it would really be dangerous if the dog just did what it wanted when it wanted.  Training is the basis for all good dogs.  But when you train in IPO sports you will learn so much about your dog and yourself.  It is about building a bond and working side by side with your partner who is trained to respond to certain commands and to work closely and obediently with his handler.

Far more than what the dog will learn though, is about what you will learn about these magnificant dogs.  Their courage, their spirit, their trust and loyalty are all above reproach.  It maybe considered just sport to some but it is a sport that teaches self discipline, teamwork, sportsmanship.  and undying love and devotion.  All valuable lessons for us to learn today especially when so many sports are full of dope addicts, perverts felons, dog abusers and low lifes elevatred to a superior status of incompetency and common decency sounds a lot like politicians to me.

Dog sports can be a whole family activity.  Teaching children good dog handling skills, how to build an unbreakable bond and how to feel safer in an unsafe world.  They are smart, alert, protective, powerful and they are loyal.  A trained dog is a confident dog.  Training IPO also helps the dog develop good judgement and gives them a better reading on situations.

If you have the time and committment I would recommend it for anyone wanting a working breed.