Friday, March 15, 2013

So you think it doesn't matter

There is a web site started last year by a large group of TOP doberman breeders in the country who are very concerned about the direction the world is going but especially the DPCA.

It was started prior to the elections in hopes we could educate members on the importance of the standard and how it is slowly being erroded away -

If you have not read it you would certainly find it educational -

Two major things happened that finally woke folks up to the dangers we face ahead

First a rescued albino accidentley got sent an invite to the top twenty -  Albinos were banned from
all DPCA sanctioned events but since all manual updates and revisions are done by volunteers it got
lost in the shuffle.

Then the DPCA board instead of handling it internally went to AKC asking for a ruling and of course AKC who has absolutely NOTHING to do with our standard and DPCA events said no and the board caved.  Heck they wanted to splash pictures all over the DPCA web site like it was a wonderful first time event.  The sad thing is the dog did not win the top 20  she placed but the pictures that they wanted to splash on the web site would have made a loud and clear message that we approved of it.

The beautiful AKC Champion dog that actually won the entire year was forgotten.

It was pretty sad -  we worked hard to stop the damage but once out of the bag the damage is done.
The albino greeders immediately posted on just how great the albino is and what a great accomplishment.  Heck they will probably be selling albinos off that one picture for years to come.
That one picture will haunt us for years to come.

Albinos have been a plague since the late 1970's and in the 90's the big fight with AKC took place so anyone who has been around Dobermans since then certainly had to be aware of them.  JQP probably not so much because they usually just wake up one day and decide they want a doberman.

But if you show pictures and don't speak up the problem is JQP thinks they are OK.  It is like being between a rock and a hard place.  Unless of course, you believe in the breed standard and are willing to fight to uphold it. People see a picture - think wow that is different and suddenly want it.

It has nothing to do with being nice it has to do with fighting for the promotion of good breeding practices and when we appear to accept wrong we send that message loud and clear that it is not that important.  People don't stop and read about the problems with them and the albino folks got real smart and advertise them as "white" which is a color on the AKC color chart but it is not an approved Doberman color---- they are albino. 

The second picture at the top of the page is the puppy at UDC Natls last year presented with flopped ears and tails from one of the top breeders who has bought into the Euro fad of let's loose our right and lets put our breed at risk.

When we sit back and do not speak up about these wrongs then they become the norm and soon the Doberman is no more.

I seriously doubt that anyone would think roached backs and terrible conformation is a good thing in a purebred dog but that is the problem -------I doubt anyone says wow I want one just like that.

We can be nice to everyone or we can stand up for a standard.  I am very clear on where I stand.  I am sorry I don't like to  hurt anyone feelings and work very hard to be understanding but sometimes we make our bed and then we have to lie in it. 

We talk about education but what good does education do if we would rather be nice than honest and correct?  It is not that anyone is attacked but we must state facts or people get misled.  It is a very hard place to be in and today it seems folks would much rather be nice than stand up for our dogs and their standard.

I tell you had the original Doberman been left uncropped and undocked I doubt that they would have ever attracted such a large following and might have fallen into extinction early on.  Just one more hound looking dog.   Why do we want to go down a road that destroys the very standard that made our dogs possible???  If you go back and read the early founders of the breed here in America they spoke out about the importance of cropped and docked.  They were visionary or they realized the problems with the parts of Europe that had already banned it and they did not want it to happen here.

There is a country song - You either stand for something or you fall for anything.  It is happening today people don't want to stand up for right -

We must stand for our standard and we must speak up about the things that are wrong.  Somedays it feels like you fight alone and people sure don't seem to mind hurting your feelings and hurting our breed but don't want to speak out when something is wrong.  Sorry I don't get it.
Dogs under fire!