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Anyone ever hear that from your kids???  It used to be my daughter's favorite excuse to throw at me.  If I listened to her that meant that some 600 kids in her high school were totally out of control - playing at being adults with immature minds that were not ready to function in a mature world.

Then it struck me..........that is the same thing those who have chosen to leave a cropped and docked breed UNCROPPED and/or UNDOCKED.  So if we are to
buy into this then just because a part of the world has lost their right to crop and dock we should follow suit because everyone else is doing it.

Personally I find all their arguments very unstable.  Everything - from it is not necessary and only a cosmetic procedure to it messes up their anal glands and  pooping.    Guess they never heard of "happy tail" which is a very painful experience that in the end results IN DOCKING the tail on an older dog to stop the continued injury and pain ...... by their own admission this is an AMPUTATION which they are against.  Prevention seems prudent in this case.

If you think it is OK to loose personal freedoms then honestly I can't help you.  If you think the government knows best then I sure can't help you.  Their track record speaks very poorly of their ability to even maintain their own personal integrity let alone yours or mine.

I am well versed in this everyone is doing it excuse as it was my daughters most used  excuses......EVERYONE was doing it.  I patiently told her I was not everyone's mother but I was hers.  Were I everyone else's mother she could rest assured that they would not be doing it either as it was dangerous, harmful or self destructive.  We each have one time to do things right and that is the first time.

I personally don't know what everyone else has to do with my decisions but for some it must make sense.  Perhaps it is that they are not capable of thinking for themselves or that they prefer to let others do all the work.

Not to mention I do not believe for one minute all those who say they support my right to crop and dock when they don't and THEN  spout all the reasons why I should not either and the most often heard is:  EVERYONE ELSE HAS STOPPED ......therefore I should stop.  I am not everyone else and I don't want to be follow something just because everyone else does.   That is exactly how sheep get led to the slaughter!!!

If the only reason to support cropping and docking was the long standing traditions and heritage of  so many of the working breeds as cropped and docked.  I believe in upholding many long standing traditions which sadly too many of today's world have no concept of why or how they came about and many are founded in very sound solid reasons.

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