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An age old question with many different answers depending on who you are speaking to at the moment.  Most of you who know me know I think simple is better so I have developed 10 easy steps to help the unexperienced sift through all the misinformation out there today on the web.

DPCA breeder referral section is a good place to start to get names - and the great thing is you can start searching for breeders who are in your area first.  http://dpca.org/breed/breed_referral.htm

1.  First and foremost I want to see 3 things - 
      A.  A member in good standing with the breed club - DPCA and/or UDC Becasue it says that on some level they support the breed and that they care enough to join up with other Doberman breeders to share and learn. 
     B.   Has titled their own dogs, not just talk about the past - pedigree is important. but if the breeder is not titling their own dogs they are not  knowledgable enough to help you if you run into problems.  A good couch potato at home does not necessarily mean the dog has a good temperament for breeding.
    C.  Health testing. -  Not just talk about it, but can actually show results if asked.

2.  All dogs are AKC registered - It does not guarantee good breeding, but it is a far better place to start than all the new fly by night registeries that have cropped up. Send a picture and they will give you a registration that is not worth the paper it is printed on. You can't follow the bloodlines to research about health issues, tempermant issues or show records. 

3.  Can explain the standard for their breed to you and breeds to that standard - not super sized or "King" Dobermans and certainly not Warlock - on the DPCA web site you can read all about the Warlock Myth.

4.  Doberman are a cropped and docked breed in America and it is the breeders responsiblity to crop and dock their puppies to save the new owner having to struggle with finding a qualified vet and dealing with aftercare for the first couple weeks.

5.  Does not let puppies go prior to 9 weeks in some cases they might keep them longer

6.  Is available when you call or e mail to answer questions

7.  Doberman come in 4 AKC approved colors - Black, Blue, Red and Fawn -  No reputatble person would breed the albino gene into their lines.  You can read all about the albino gene and its inherent problems here:   http://dpca.org/albino/albino_about.htm

If it is against the standard it is not correct - don't get fooled with wild sales gimmicks to suck you in.
Bitches should not be bred prior to two and OFA is done.  Should only be bred once a year as per the DPCA COE with one execption being allowed with vet approval.   

8.  Places all pet puppies on limited reg with a spay/neuter agreement.

9.  Everything must be by contract -  and the breeder takes back her dogs if for any reason the owner can't keep the dog.   Is open and honest about answering questions and does not hedge or hesitate.

10. Remains supportive after the sale -  You should have a breeder that you like to talk to, is knowledgable and always willing to help you even years from now.

Don't be fooled by the chat forums who regularly trash and devour breeders depending on what day of the week it is.  I have noticed the most vocal folks are either rescue people who hate all breeders or the neophyte who has never titled or bred a dog in their life. 

You are responsible for doing your own homework -  I hope that these guidelines help you as you make your search.

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